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April 25, 2007

Dear Bill,

The success Strategic Programs has experienced in hand with recruiting, hiring, and retaining visually impaired employees is due to the professional relationship we have established with TEAM EEI.

TEAM EEI has demonstrated a strong commitment to partnering with us and they have committed its vitally important services to benefit Strategic Programs’ management, and its employees. Both groups have come to rely on TEAM EEI to provide important resources for both the employee and management. These resources include on-site training, coaching, requests for facilitating the acquisition of proper specialty equipment, and staff availability to addressing any questions and or specific and unique requests.

At the start, Initially, TEAM EEI diligently learned about and applied their focus on becoming knowledgeable and very familiar with our job requirements and the necessary skills needed to work for Strategic Programs. They also took the time to get to know us, and to understand as an organization how to best meet our needs and support our processes. One of their trainers even went through and participated in our internal training process to learn job specifics.

TEAM EEI worked one-on-one with our new visually impaired employees. The TEAM EEI trainers carefully take the time to assess each person’s skill level and needs for each person and customize their training approach to best fit the individual. The scope of training includes presentation skills, phone work, general computer skills, JAWS program knowledge, Word, Excel, and equipment set- up and use.

The TEAM EEI trainers continue coaching and work on-site with the new employee providing training and coaching until the supervisor, trainer, and employee all feel comfortable with the new employee’s abilities. TEAM EEI ensured us that the new employee was able to perform the job independently. When additional training is required for different tasks or new skills, TEAM EEI partnered with us to ensure success if we identify need to train for additional tasks and new skills. TEAM EEI will partner with us to make sure the training is completed successfully

I have enjoyed working closely with the people and staff of TEAM EEI , and have found them to be approachable, friendly, and patient. As a supervisor, they help me to understand as an employer what factors are important for the success of a visually impaired employee to be successful in our highly technical setting.

TEAM EEI is clearly a wonderful company. It is devoted to empowering visually impaired persons through the training, coaching, and confidence building. This unique service helps keep good workers in the workforce while assisting at the same time empowering companies like ours with developing and retaining Strategic Programs as an employer to develop valuable and reliable employees.

Nikki Novotney
Research Director
Strategic Programs, Inc.

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