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To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to give my support and full recommendation of William Estrada and the staff of TEAM EEI . The TEAM EEI staff has assisted us with the implementation of the JAWS (Job Access with Speech) screen-reading program and Zoom Text screen enlargement programs into our call center. TEAM EEI has taken care of all items including: programming and/or custom scripting both of these programs, equipment needs, employee training and job coaching and follow up support in all areas.
The TEAM EEI staff has always been a pleasure to work with and the level of professionalism has been acknowledged as well by us. Our six-year working relationship has been a joint effort to allow our visually impaired agent the ability to work in our call center environment. The TEAM EEI staff had been available as needed with our consistently changing environment and duties of our agents.
TEAM EEI has the knowledge base to make the proper and necessary recommendations for each of their clients. It is with these suggestion and recommendations that TEAM EEI will customize the work environment uniquely for each of the clients own success.

Mark Spielman
Service Manager 2

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