Berlin Wicks:

Berlin Wicks is now employed due to the work and assistance of everyone at TEAM EEI .

Here are some of Mr. Wicks' comments about TEAM EEI :

It feels good to be working once again”.....

"Team EEI assisted me with the necessary training in areas such as adaptive computer technology, training and support that I would use in a work setting such as Zoom-Text. They also helped me to perform my job duties as needed once I was hired. The support and continued follow up by TEAM EEI once I started my new job was of a great comfort as well to both me and my new employer."

"My new position as a scheduling agent has me working various days and times. It is a good feeling and experience to once again be working and productive."

Berlin continues to say, "I would strongly recommend TEAM EEI to any person with a disability who is looking for employment and/or computer training, this is due to their level of professionalism and dedication to their clients”. William Estrada and his staff at TEAM EEI make it a priority to train and support those individuals that are on their case load.

"TEAM EEI was a great asset to me with my computer training and job seeking abilities. I appreciated the time and efforts that they put in with me during our time together."

Berlin Wicks
June 2007