Nita Wheeler's Success Story

Nita has received various types of training and job seeking support from TEAM EEI . Her comments are as follows.
"Thanks to TEAM EEI , working helps my self-esteem highly, I now feel useful and I am now able to exercise my abilities and skills learned over the years and I am proud of the various certificates which I have earned."
"TEAM EEI continually helped me by using realistic work settings that enabled me to feel right at home once I started my new job. The simulated work environments and professional skills training which they offered assisted me to easily transfer these skills to a real working environment."
"My new position in a customer service call center was a natural position for me, as it fit into the skills and work environment which they offered."
"Additionally, the excellent training and continued job coaching support provided by TEAM EEI was an insight and great benefit to me. Their professional attitude demonstrated to the employer the abilities and possibilities of people with limited vision and will open the doors for others as well. The employers now know how to accommodate and respect, with dignity, these individuals"
"I would strongly recommend the services of TEAM EEI to any person with a disability. The value of obtaining self-worth and overall sense of dignity has helped me greatly in the things I do. TEAM EEI allows their clients to see their possibilities and self-worth through training and a quality training environment. TEAM EEI carries the baton in the relay so you can make it to the finish line with them at your side."
"TEAM EEI is doing great things in assisting, coaching and providing a work environment that allows one to transition into a real job. Good job TEEM EEI keep up the good work and thank you for helping me see that no matter how long it takes don't give up there is hope."


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