Lelia Struve's Success Story

"It feels absolutely wonderful to be working now especially since I've not been working for five years",
says Lelia of her new position.
Lelia tells us,
"In the area of job seeking, TEAM EEI encouraged me to search for jobs by giving me web sites to search on as well as weekly job leads and application assistance if necessary."
Lelia continues to say-
"In the area of technical support TEAM EEI made sure I understood what I was learning and if I didn't we didn't go on till I understood as I needed to do so.”
"In the area of training, TEAM EEI made it both fun and challenging; also, I wasn't left on my own in my new job until I was comfortable with the job. The level of support from TEAM EEI has been fantastic."
And Lelia concludes
"e;I would like to thank TEAM EEI for helping me to get a job, not only for that but to help me help myself get a job.”

March 2008


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