Kathy Santaus's Success Story

Kathy describes how TEAM EEI assisted her in the site evaluation and support -
"Team EEI was called in to do the technical evaluation of a potential place of employment and to coordinate the programming and customization of the system. With any new job, there are challenges, and TEAM EEI was there for support and all of the intense training. They have made suggestions on how I can be more efficient and productive in my new position. My job coach rode the roller coaster with me as the technical pieces were tried and put into place. New ways of doing things, technology, and creativity were implemented to accomplish the unachievable, and if it's not doable, my job coach usually found a feasible workaround."
Says Kathy.
"Training was done by a job coach from TEAM EEI who came to the job site. The knowledge of JAWS and adaptive equipment was great, and it is that knowledge that brought everything together."
Kathy is working for a large corporate employer and this is what she has to say about her new position -<>br "I am doing customer service and back office functions, meaning contacting customers for additional information when needed or informing them of the status of their account."
Kathy also adds -
"If I were not working, I would be aggressively looking for work; my time would be spent reading ads on the Internet, writing cover letters, modifying my resume and going on interviews."
Since being assisted in her career pursuit Kathy mentions to us -
"It is great to be employed and to be productive."
Kathy closes with -
"I would recommend TEAM EEI to others only, if the person really wants to try and get out there and work. Do as much as you can, and let TEAM EEI help you be the best you can be!"

Kathy Santaus



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