Jessica Saldivar's Success Story

Jessica is working as an administrative assistant at the Atlantis Community. Jessica states, “I am happy to be making a little bit of money now. How did TEAM EEI assist you in your new position?
“They along with the Department of Rehabilitation helped me get the job with Atlantis and trained me during the first few days.”
What did you think of the level of training and expertise that TEAM EEI offered to you?
"Henry was good at explaining things I didn’t understand in terms of computer and software but he made sure I was comfortable with whatever task I was given.”
Jessica concludes and answers this when asked if she would recommend TEAM EEI to others?
"I would because they are a good team to work with because they make sure you are prepared for whatever it is you need to know before joining the work force”



Together We Make It Happen

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