Michele Nichols's Success Story

Michelle is a full time agent in a local call center. When asked, How does it feel to be working now?
”It feels great to be working full-time! I just love having a Monday through Friday schedule with paid time off. I feel a great since of accomplishment to have achieved full-time, competitive employment.”
Michelle says,
“If I were not working, I would be submitting resumes on a daily basis, coming to job club for support and help with my job search. I’d also be in regular contact with TEAM EEI . Just sitting home doing nothing, and living off the government is simply not an option for me. If other blind people can work, I can too.”
"TEAM EEI assisted me in my new position by training me on the job as well as practicing the routine with me over the phone. This organization has always been there for me when there were changes to the computer system or if I needed revised scripts.”
"I think the level of training and support from TEAM EEI was excellent! I like how I was encouraged to take a proactive role in searching for employment. I learned the importance of positive self motivation. I also think the technical support was great because I always was able to learn the JAWS Key strokes very quickly. TEAM EEI staff was very patient with me while I was in training.”
Would you recommend TEAM EEI to others? If so, why?
“Yes, I would recommend TEAM EEI to others because of the emphasis placed on developing skills needed for a job as well as learning how to actively search for work. I would also recommend this organization to others because things are not just handed to a person on a silver platter. Instead, I was taught to be proactive, persistent, and a good communicator.”
One last comment from Michelle ~
“I think that a job search is about having confidence in one’s self when choosing a career path and eventual employment. It’s good to have the support when dealing with issues such as inaccessible websites, employers who refuse to hire blind people, as well as teaching job seekers to self-advocate.”

- Michele -


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