Han Leetang Success Story

Han is now in a full time position for a major non-profit organization.
"It feels great to have a regular active routine and not have to worry financially about the immediate future, where your next rent payment will come from and if your unemployment insurance will run out." Says Han.
"TEAM EEI assisted me by informing me when the position was open and training me so I could properly perform my job." Han replies.
"training from TEAM EEI was excellent and I am still receiving materials from TEAM EEI related to my job. The job seeking component assisted me in honing my interview skills and giving me numerous leads for job placement."
Would you recommend TEAM EEI to others, and if so why?
"I would recommend TEAM EEI to other disabled persons and in fact I have done so. In this tough job market, it is extremely difficult for a blind individual like me to successfully obtain a job. TEAM EEI Job Club gives disabled individuals the extra edge which is so sorely needed."
Han concludes his comments with.
"Team EEI has helped me to find the job I am currently working and continue to assist me by providing Braille materials, technical equipment and training where it is needed. I have worked at the Mile High United Way 2-1-1 for two years. Since I have started, there have been two other employees successfully hired at 2-1-1 who have attended the same Job Club program as I have. With this obvious excellent track record, TEAM EEI is the right job agency where disabled persons go for their job search!"

  Han 2012


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