Marlene Kaiser Success Story

Marlene is employed as a full time customer service agent. When asked, Marlene says:
"I have worked all of my adult life since 1973. Had a few years between jobs and absolutely hated it. Love working because, it keeps me productive and makes me feel valued in society.
How did TEAM EEI assist you in your new position?
"TEAM EEI has actually assisted me in several positions. I have been working with TEAM EEI since 1996 when I was employed at Ticketmaster. They assisted me with computer training, on site job training and follow-up training if necessary.”
What did you think of the level of training and expertise that TEAM EEI offered to you?
"I think TEAM EEI provides very good training. William Estrada is one to be admired as he himself has overcome adversity and he doesn’t accept can’t, won’t and pity parties. He is a go getter and his wish is for all of his clients to succeed. The one on one training he gave me was valuable as I feel I was better trained then my sighted counter-parts. They get maybe two or three days, I got a month of solid training.”
Would you recommend TEAM EEI to others and if so, why?
"I would because Bill not only helps people get jobs, he does his best to help people maintain and keep their jobs. He is also a good source for anything technical that isn’t job related. I have recently had TEAM EEI do work on my personal PC at home and felt that the cost was very reasonable. Bill is personable knowledgeable and a good friend to the blind community.”



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