Kathryn Hanks Success Story

Kathryn is now employed as a part time customer service agent and States
I am very thankful I got this job.
In regards to what she would be doing now if she was not working, Kathyryn says
I would be looking for employment. I want to be a tax payer just like anyone else.
TEAM EEI assisted Kathryn with
They helped me through customer service training, an internship, and then they helped me with interviewing for the job I’m now working.
What did you think of the level of training and expertise that TEAM EEI offered to you
TEAM EEI was great in all the training, job coaching, and job seeking help they gave me. Each person who helped me is very good at their individual job. I also appreciate how everyone is very patient no matter what the situation.
Kathryn closes, by saying
I would definitely recommend them to others because they do get people jobs. It may take a while, but if you are determined and patient, you can get a job.
I want to thank THE LORD, TEAM EEI, my family, and my friends for supporting me through this journey. This included job searching, finding the job, and now working to keep it. It will always be a work in progress, and I will continue to work hard.

- 2017 -


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