Kathryn Hanks Success Story

Kathryn Hanks has been a part of the TEAM EEI job club for a while now. Most recently Kathryn has accepted a part time job working for a local cafe.

Kathryn starts off by saying, " I feel great working part-time. It took me over seven months for me to get this job, and I feel relief and excitement to get it. I am also thankful I will get a little of my own income."

Kathryn replies as to what she would be doing if she was not working-
I would be coming to Job Club for support and working on getting a job. I need more income, so work would be a major goal for me to meet.

Kathryn continues by telling us.
Team EEI helped me by supporting me through Job Club. However, they helped me realize my bad attitude and behavior would not be tolerated in the work place. These behaviors include: arguing, interrupting, and wanting my own way. Now that I'm in a job, I know as nice as my boss is, she wouldn't tolerate any of these behaviors for long.

Kathryn's comments on her current job-
My main duty is to roll silverware at Mimi's Cafe in Aurora Colorado. I also can fill up the sugar catties, take apart doilies or do other small tasks as I am assigned them.

I thought the training was great. I got help with interview skills. The main thing I learned was there are many other skills you need in getting and keeping a job than just the job skills. Having good interpersonal skills, good attitude, and wanting to follow directions of your supervisor are some very important skills to have


I would definitely recommend Team EEI to others because Job Club helped me realize I was not alone in finding a job. They also helped me with what I described previously about my bad social behaviors. Without Team EEI in my life, I would not have my current job.

Thank you to Team EEI for being patient with me and explaining as much as needed on why I needed to change a behavior. For example, when I liked to argue with people, both instructors were willing to explain why I needed to stop doing this behavior but also resolutions to this issue such as respectfully disagreeing with someone or discussing the situation with them were better options.

Kathryn Hanks


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