James Dwelley success story:

Here are comments from James Dwelley regarding his full time position.

James states: “It does feel great to have a great job, and be working for a great company

TEAM EEI helped me facilitate my new position at Aon Innovative Solutions. I had a job coach that was provided by TEAM EEI which was very helpful. Also, having access to all the different screens and fields that I had to go to on the computer was excellent access for me. The Braille documentation was very helpful, and if there was anything I needed from TEAM EEI all I had to do was call and I could get my questions answered. If I needed the Job Coach to come back out to help me with a part of my job that I did not understand or have problems all I had to do was ask and my request was quickly responded to by TEAM EEI.”

James has this to say in regards to the technical support he received:

The training and expertise that TEAM EEI gave me was great, and the tech. support was also great.”

In closing, James tells us:

I would recommend TEAM EEI to others and that is because when there are things that need to get done, like getting computers setup in a few days it does get successfully done. The computers are setup and running like they should be. It is nice to know that if there is something on the job site that I might need help with and getting a problem handled that maybe I had not come across before, I could call TEAM EEI , and they would come out and help me to figure out a solution to the problem. It was also nice to know that things would get done right the first time if it was done by them. Thank you Bill Estrada for all the hard work that you have done for me at Aon, and all the hard work that you and TEAM EEI do for me still today. Thank you all very much”.


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