Susie is now a full time call specialist for Mile high United Way. Here are Susie’s comments:

When asked “How does it feel to be working”? Susie replies:

Words cannot express the relief and great feeling to be working. It is nice to know my contribution can lead and has lead to a better life for someone else. It is also a great feeling to know that bills are paid and that I am able to put money in savings at the same time.”

I can’t thank TEAM EEI enough for all the support and encouragement through every step of the way. This included help with filling out a part of the job application which was not visually accessible. TEAM EEI also provided technical support with one on one instruction. They also served as the go between for the vocational rehabilitation councilor and me.”

In regards to technical support, Susie says:

I was very pleased with the level of training and expertise. I was so glad to have TEAM EEI support and service. I learned that as a visually impaired individual, it is almost impossible to walk into a position without adaptation assistance. TEAM EEI came to the rescue...”

Would you recommend TEAM EEI to others, and if so why?

As I stated previously, I don’t know how I would have made it without TEAM EEI . They went out of their way to help me through the whole job process and they were always there when I had questions or needed assistance.”

- 2014 -


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