Romona Coronado has worked with TEAM EEI on and off since the early 1990s. She has been successfully employed in various types of positions during her job-seeking ventures. TEAM EEI has always been there to support her in her flourishing careers and opportunities.
Romona has worked for the State of Colorado, Primerica, ADT Security, and NHCD and other companies all with the assistance of TEAM EEI and says
TEAM EEI has been the best thing for me and they have always been able to assist me with what I need& Their willingness and determination to make difficult things easy for me and my employer has been a huge help to us. TEAM EEI , my employers and myself have all been able to work together for a better successful work setting.
From computer and office machines to telephones and organizational assistance TEAM EEI has made things easy for me in all of my various job settings.
The professionalism that TEAM EEI offers to their clients as well as to the employers and to the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation is second to none.
Interacting with people and being a part of the workforce is important to me. I would go crazy if I was not able to find a job.
Working with TEAM EEI has made me feel so much better about myself as a contributing member of society.



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