TEAM EEI Training Page.

The following links below will help you to learn how to Fill out forms on the internet. and give you a chance to practice.

Some of these links are only a practice form and will not actually send a form out. So, you can fill out this form and review and change the information in it as much as you like and then clear it by pressing enter on the Clear the Form button.
The other links are an actual working form that can be filled out and, at your instructor's direction, be sent out for review by the training staff. All fields must be filled out when practicing unless otherwised instructed by your trainer.
The Simulated Order Form will let you Fill in various fields similar to an actual online order Form. Do not! put your own personal credit card or Information! But, just make up the information for each Field. This is to protect your own privacy. (all fields should be filled in unless other wise instructed)

The Simulated Employment Application Form should be fully filled out, even if only psudo info, as this will help you prepare to apply for Job positions offered online.
TEAM EEI SERVICES ASSESSMENT FORM. In order to serve you better, TEAM EEI would like your opinions and answers to the questions asked in this form. Please be honest, in your answers and feel free to be as detailed as necessary.

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