Assistive Technology Customization

JAWS ("Job Access With Speech") is a screen reading program for Microsoft Windows that allows blind and visually impaired users to read the screen. JAWS users are able to perform tasks either with a text to speech output, synthesized voice, or by a refreshable Braille display. Likewise, Fusion, a screen magnification program is available for users with low-vision. These programs support Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 11 and many programs used on both operating systems.
If you experience difficulties with your work environment or system that you access as part of your daily responsibilities and navigation is troublesome, scripting could be the answer you are seeking. The unique ability of the TEAM EEI technical staff can create customized navigation and reading procedures for your specific systems.
It has been our experience that these customized shortcuts or keystrokes can often increase employee productivity, allow access to areas not previously accessible and to allow the blind employee to function and perform more tasks after this process has been completed.
TEAM EEI has the ability to customize both JAWS & Fusion for the user’s needs, especially where items are not accessible. The Fusion (screen magnification/screen reading program) can enhance the working environment for your low vision employees.
TEAM EEI is able to leverage the use of the Scripting Language to allow the user to use programs without standard Windows controls, and programs that were not designed for accessibility. these include web pages where the markup was used to create those non-standard controls and where WCAG standards were not followed. TEAM EEI creates scripts for the JAWS (Job Access With Speech) screen-reading program to increase accessibility and timely workflows for the user that do not need elevated access or permissions, for APIs or other proprietary property to deliver the finished product. The custom scripting process does not interfere or manipulate any of the original source code as all scripting and programming of the JAWS (Job Access With Speech) screen-reading program is done within the screen-reading program itself. No coding is modified or changed in anyway of the direct system being accessed.

Contact us to see if we can help or for more information: system customization @ teameei . org To read more about the JAWS (Job Access With Speech) scripting language, click the following item:
JAWS Scripting Language