TEAM EEI offers a variety of professional services to our customers. Please feel free to contact us on pricing and services not listed in this document.

Braille Services

TEAM EEI provides professional Braille transcription services for your personal or professional needs. Both private and corporate agencies have utilized TEAM EEI for their Braille needs of such items as: employee manuals, policy and procedure booklets, to restaurant menus and personal data.
TEAM EEI can bind your finalized document, staple and collate your items as needed and provide you with quality Braille on single or double sided pages of heavy duty embossing paper. Each brailing job has it’s unique features and criteria so please contact us at Braille @ for further answers to your questions and for our pricing details.

New Hire Training Materials Services

An additional support feature TEAM EEI offer is the ability to take most types of printed training materials, manuals in addition to all other assorted documents and convert them into the proper format for the new employee. Your training or reference materials can be reproduced with your approval; from having them retyped in larger print, to then taking them directly from a computer file and then into the necessary format. From Braille and large print to ELECTRONIC files, we want your new employee to get the same information as the rest of your new employees receive. (Special formatting and graphics cannot be translated into the Braille format so some items may not be easily accessed in this format. These items are then utilized as reference materials and items for future employee knowledge.

Custom Configuration

Knowing that each work place and individual is different allows us to modify and customize most settings with adaptive types of hardware/software for our consumers needs. The customization of the adaptive equipment necessary can range from simple installation and setups to custom programming and script creation of the screen-reading program in order to access various data from the computer's screen. When the set up is complete, training and orientation to the adaptive equipment is then provided to the new employee and the employer if required. Custom scripting and configurations may require some additional support and training from TEAM EEI due to their complexity and overall level of unique accessibility. Our professional training services or job coaching abilities are then implemented to continue the overall training and support of the new employee.
The customization of many worksites has allowed our clients to work timely, efficiently and to be competitive in many fields. Please contact: for further details or to arrange for your worksite to be assessed.

IOS Training

TEAM EEI is proud to now offer simplified training on devices such as the IPONE and the IPAD. As these items continue to emerge as great tools for individuals with disabilities there are many applications and processes that need some experienced training and support. The utilization of the Voiceover program is a main area of our expertise. The custom jesters, unique abilities of the Voiceover program and how they need to be specifically accessed can be a troublesome area. The TEAM EEI trainers can be supportive and very informative with the individual and their specific areas of need. This support and professional training can be implemented over the telephone so please send us your inquiry to: training @
Or feel free to call us at (303) 893 2065
Please let us know what application you are seeking assistance with or the specific troubles you are having and we will be back in touch with you at our earliest opportunity.

Job Placement and Job Seeking

TEAM EEI also offers complete job seeking and placement services. These services range from discussing career goals and objectives to simple resume creation. This individualized service is also enhanced by trying to ensure that the client has the skills and/or prior work history to pursue their new career goals. Our team effort approach and philosophy in our job seeking areaof service is quite unique. We at
TEAM EEI feel that if the client does his/her part of a job search, then it can only be enhanced by an organization such as TEAM EEI giving and offering their support in areas that the client cannot provide. Areas such as an e-mail group list containing job leads, faxing and resume support in addition to the completion of web page profiles and application submission if necessary. We strongly encourage our consumers to work hard and as independently as possible in this area and then offer each individual the special assistance they may need at any time. Our services for job seeking skills can cover a wide range of service areas. Our group job seeking meetings can offer great support for the individuals who would like to discuss specific job seeking situations or concerns with others. We can also assist with specific areas such as: individual interviewing skills, preparing for an interview, dressing for the job or specific interview and many other job search related topics. Many companies today are only taking applications that are being submitted via the Internet from the company's web site. TEAM EEI can assist all of our consumers with these web based only applications to those who need this specific service. Many of these web sites are not easily accessed or browsed with adaptive software, so in order to submit an application in these situations we can meet with the consumers who need this individual type of help. TEAM EEI is continuously adding web page addresses and different web sites to our lists of places that our consumers can submit their applications as needed.
Federal and State employment is another area many of TEAM EEI ’s clients seek as a potential employer. TEAM EEI can assist in these areas as well. The unique “Federal Resume” creation and submission of completed and proper data is a critical issue when dealing with these agencies. The mandatory “Schedule A” letters of support can also be created and submitted for all TEAM EEI clients whom need this verification.

Skills Assessments

Our one-on-one skill and competency evaluations allow us to get familiar with an individual's specific skill sets and to gain an understanding of exactly what their abilities are at this time. An in depth skills assessment is very important so both the client and their Counselor will know the persons abilities before they start their vocational pursuit. TEAM EEI does not recommend or facilitate a client whom is not qualified and ready for the position they are seeking. Detailed testing can be arranged in areas from word processing, e-mail and Internet communications to database utilization, spreadsheet access to adaptive software/hardware knowledge and utilization. If training is necessary in order to bring the client up to a competitive level of computer access, then an individual training program can be arranged upon the authorization and approval from all necessary parties. If you are interested in a skills assessment or have any questions, please contact: William Estrada at William @
or give us a call at (303( 893 2065

Job Coaching
Our unique and professional job coaching services will assist our clients during their first few weeks of training and placement on a new job. TEAM EEI feels this individualized support for the client as well as for the employer allows time for the new employee to become familiar with their new environment and job requirements, routines, duties and it will instill confidence in their abilities and skills. This one-on-one attention also relieves the employer from any individual attention needed for that new employee. Time is taken to familiarize the client with their new surroundings, mark and label in a Braille format if necessary anything the client needs (from telephones and time clocks to signs and break rooms) and overall allowing the client to feel comfortable in their new setting. Our job coaching services do not stop once the client is working and comfortable with their new position. If so supported, TEAM EEI will continue to monitor and support the new employee until we feel they are doing the best they can and are proving their abilities. TEAM EEI will discuss with the supervisors or management the client's success and competency, TEAM EEI will still make occasional follow up visits and communications to check on the status and overall situation and success of our client. For further information or assistance, please contact William Estrada at William @ TEAM EEI .org
or feel free to give us a call at (303) 893 2065
TEAM EEI offers a wide variety of training and instructional services. These areas of professional training range from one-on-one to group trainings. All areas from basic computer skills and abilities to the more advanced procedures and tasks of a complex worksite can all be trained by the TEAM EEI staff. This high level training is a necessity for vocational placements and success with the high technology of today’s workforce. This training can be done at the client's home or at their place of employment. This training can encompass everything from computer skills with a variety of systems including various versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system to basic word processing skills. Database access and utilization to spreadsheet and e-mail and Internet communications can all be trained and customized for each consumer of TEAM EEI

Quite often there are many tasks that need to be accomplished during a person’s typical workday. TEAM EEI encourages and teaches multi-tasking functions as a standard method in being capable to allow our consumers to be comfortable in more than one environment at any one time. The TEAM EEI specialty and main area of expertise is the ability to teach and implement into the work setting, the adaptive technology of individual. Screen reading programs, screen enlargement programs and many other types of adaptive technology can be trained and customized for most workplace settings. For further details, pricing and information please contact: William Estrada at (303) 893 2065 or at William @

Technical Support

TEAM EEI also offers computer technical support. This support can range from the restoration of a crashed hard drive, to the replacement of a motherboard to simply getting rid of pesky viruses. Routine maintenance and system updates can also be taken care of by our TEAM EEI technical support team.

The high level of knowledge and unique area of adaptive software and hardware is one of our specialties. Screen reading programs, screen enlargement programs, Braille displays and other forms of adaptive technology are all areas supported by the TEAM EEI technical staff. Often times there are many conflicts with adaptive technology running properly on the sophisticated computers that are being used today. The TEAM EEI technical staff can assist you in most areas of trying to allow your highly complex software to run its best on your system, allowing you to focus on tasks, functions and operations and not on troubleshooting constant problems and system errors. Call us at (303) 893-2065 to discuss your specific needs and concerns
or send us your Tech related questions to techsupport @

Worksite Evaluation Assessment

In today’s highly technical worksites, TEAM EEI has the unique ability to assess and modify the technology for a visually impaired person in your setting. Complex computer systems, large databases and many custom software packages do propose some challenges for adaptive technology out of the box. TEAM EEI can customize the adaptive technology of choice in order to try and ensure our clients competitiveness. TEAM EEI has successfully worked with clients in the airline industry, many various types of customer service, banking, car rental, information specialists, and administrative types of positions and countless related careers. The TEAM EEI staff works closely with your team to explore all facets of a position(s) in order to try and successfully configure your environment for the visually impaired employee. Call us at, 303.893.2065 or contact William Estrada at William @ for further details.