A letter from our President/CEO William E. Estrada
To all Present and Future TEAM EEI Customers;
The need for professional and quality services for persons with disabilities continues to be in an ever growing need at this time. TEAM EEI was created out of the necessity to help fill this void and hopefully benefit this type of consumer. High-tech assistance and quality vocational training was not available when I personally was in need of this type of service and now we aim to assist everyone in this same situation.
I can only hope that our aspirations and hard work benefit the organizations and individuals who utilize our services. The Unique way we approach each company who will employ one or more of our clients, to the individuals themselves are all looked at on an individual basis and training plans are developed as such. We realize that every person is as unique as the tasks they may be required to perform in their daily job duties. Quality training and support that is provided by TEAM EEI will allow our consumers to meet the high level and competitive edge that is needed in today's vocational pursuits.
TEAM EEI was uniquely designed to assist our consumers individually, in small group settings or at the job site. Persons with disabilities often have been faced with very little support from the various training programs that are available today. These types of classes or training programs do not often customize their training to the consumer's special needs, areas of interests and concerns or abilities. Understanding and supporting these areas of specialty needs has been one of our main areas of attention, motivation and specialties.
Knowing that a person with a disability can perform a job well done is always on our minds and motivates us to train the individual as thoroughly as possible. This fact allows us to train, motivate and have confidence in our consumers whom are seeking competitive employment or a more independent life style. This confidence is also expressed to the employers whom we have worked with or intended to work with TEAM EEI and our consumers.
The commitment and day-to-day drive that TEAM EEI demonstrates can only allow us to grow and to improve the situation of all of our consumers. As we seek to try and assist in as many ways as we can, we only hope we are called upon to prove our high level of knowledge and abilities to both individuals and companies seeking our professionalism and successful history.
We look forward to working with anyone or any employer whom is willing to join us in putting people with disabilities to work.

William E. Estrada

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