The main mission and primary goal of TEAM EEI is to provide quality & professional services and support to our customers and clients. These services shall include all areas of training, technical support, employment assistance and the highest level of professionalism that we constantly perform and strive in all of our duties.
The utmost care is taken with all clients and customers of TEAM EEI . Every client is treated on an individual basis; specific training and levels of support are designed around the needs of each client. TEAM EEI feels that our commitment to our customers and their level of success depends upon our abilities to train and to assist each person to the level they are striving to achieve.
Our commitment to the employers that we assist is the same high level of professionalism and support that we can offer. TEAM EEI realizes that it can be intimidating for an employer to hire a person with a disability to work for them, so we strive to ease this major transition. Our technical support, trainers, job coaching duties and overall high level of support has become a very important part of the successful placement of our job-seeking clients.
The ideal goal of TEAM EEI is to assist a client from the most basic level of skills to a level of advanced vocational competency and self reliance. Basic typing and keyboarding, learning to utilize the adaptive technology if necessary to the highest level possible in addition to duties of the vocational objective they are seeking can all be offered from TEAM EEI.
Both large and small organizations can benefit from hiring qualified and skilled clients of TEAM EEI . Our support and high quality training is second to none in this area. Along with other local supportive services we feel that a successful vocational placement is a job well done on our part. There could also be both Federal and State tax incentives for employers whom hire our disabled clients.
The joy of hearing from a client who has just received a raise, to one that has been promoted in their duties is a recurring and pleasant part of the returns of our hard work.