About Henry Estrada Jr.

Henry Estrada, Jr. has been with TEAM EEI nearly since its inception. Henry's technical and training abilities and experiences have been a huge part of TEAM EEI's success. Henry received a BS in Business from Metro State College which has helped him understand the employer's needs and the business demands of today's business culture. Employers state that it helps that he understands their business as a whole so that he can help train and accommodate the positions that will be filled by our consumers.
Henry's work experience includes performing training classes for Continental Airlines and Perkins Family Restaurants. These experiences have been invaluable in allowing Henry to share his experiences and strengths with our clients and employers.
Henry's attention to detail and quality service is a motivating factor in his daily duties. Henry's skills in computers, technology and the assistive devices needed by many of our clients are constantly being updated. He is consistently learning new skill sets to enhance the education and skills of the clients he serves.
"This continues to be an exciting time period from the standpoint there are so many computer programs that a person can use to help them with their personal or work related tasks. It's great working with clients and these various programs so that they then can use these programs for their personal independence or business purposes."

- Henry Estrada Jr. -

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