TEAM EEI was originally created out of the personal necessity and desire for vocational types of training, technical support and job coaching services for the blind and visually impaired. Our dedication and commitment is to assist and provide professional quality training and a high level of technical support to those who are in need of our knowledge and assistance.
Our President/CEO, William E. Estrada personally felt this need directly from an automobile accident in 1988 that left him totally and permanently blind. After successfully completing a rehabilitation program and striving to get back to work. William experienced the lack of quality computer support, local knowledgeable individuals or organizations and training for those with visual impairments. Basic equipment and adaptations were available, but little to no training or quality high-level support could be found.
After many unsuccessful calls to equipment and software manufacturers, William realized there needed to be better training and more professional supportive services for those in need of high-level and professional assistance. After an extended time of perseverance and full-time commitment to his complete rehabilitation, William thought of using his prior business management and training skills to assist others in his same or similar predicament.
Now we feel that we can make an impact towards the training and employment of those who may have otherwise not had the chance to succeed in today's highly technical environments. The individuals whom we assist would not have had the chance if there were not an organization such as TEAM EEI to offer our advice expertise and support. Integration into the highly technological environments of most employers is a tough and challenging feat that TEAM EEI has many years of success in its past.
We strive for our professional services to provide work for others who are willing to put forth the effort and hard work necessary to obtain and maintain employment and stay as independent as possible.

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